CHAMPS coordination committee meeting to be held on 2nd November (Monday) from 3-5 PM at the IEDCR conference room (Room # 301)

1. Greet new Director of IEDCR and chairperson of the CHAMPS coordination committee meeting
2. An update on resumption of CHAMPS activities
3. Update progress of ‘Data to Action’ plan
4. Update CHAMPS website
5. Presentation of study findings by Dr. Jafrin (FETP fellow)
6. Plan for next Technical committee meeting
7. AOB

Meeting Minutes:
Date: 02.11.2020
With the permission of chairperson, meeting started Everybody introduced themselves; attendance sheet enclosed as annexure Discussed minutes of last meeting minutes
• FETP fellows involvement • Website updates
Dr. S. Bari - Greets new Chairperson as a first meeting While meets in August, activities was stopped at that time. Again started MITS was stopped March 21, started 23rd of September. 13 conducted after starting All activities are now going on, Requested to share the presentation, decided not to show this in CHAMPS website.
Dr. Rabbani: Data to action briefed on data to action regarding develop of a policy brief and communication message for community people. Training program. DeCode data will be used Policy related topics will be asked from respective persons and … there is plan for this which was detailed by Dr Sharmin (November to January 2021 period), participants will be from within Dhaka due to COVID-19 situation, preferably from icddrb, IEDCR, NICRH, DGHS - Planning, MNCA&H, OGSB; invitation will be sent; Dr Bari will select participants from icddrb (Dr Afruna Rahman, Ishrat Jahan and ± Shahana and Dr Mahbub from IEDCR; within 1 week; participant will be around 16 persons. Letter will be sent after discussion with respective departments for their participation. Meeting of Data to Action which was postponed previously will be held tentatively next Thursday 12thNovember.
Website: in sub-domain; it will be done as per main CHAMPS website; timeline 11th November, phase by phase. Required text will be updated by one week, Dr Iqbal Ansary Khan will send; contents will be verified by the respective persons. Initial write up will be as previous and there will be a dynamic one. A meeting of website will be required and tentative date 11th November (morning), Lab will be added and content will be given by Dr Mustafiz. Any publication will be uploaded here. Dr Jafrin Jiti presented who analyzed CHAMPS data Dr. Shams El Arifin proposed ADG Prof. Dr. Meerjady Sabrina Flora Madam’s name for the technical committee of the CHAMPS.
**Meeting with the It team will be held on 11 th November, 2020 at 11:00am**