DATE: 25.02.2021

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman started the meeting with kind permission of Director, IEDCR Prof. Dr. Tahmina
Shirin Madam. She was present in the meeting.
Agenda 1: Welcome new members of the committee.
a. Prof. Dr. Ferdousy Begum madam could not attend the meeting due to some unavoidable
problem and she sent her representative ,Associate professor of pathology department of
b. Dr. Zahid Hossain, Lead mortality surveillance and MITS, CHAMPS, icddr,b introduced
himself to the team.
c. Then, introduction of the other members of the CHAMPS team from IEDCR and icddr,b .
Agenda 2: Briefing CHAMPS with background.
a. Dr. Bari sir delivered a wonderful presentation to the team with brief history of CHAMPS
and the ongoing activities. From his presentation we knew that the MITS findings had been shared with
the families and it was highly appreciated. They had a hotline number and MBBS doctors were providing
the telemedicine service there.
b. MITS team is thinking about a vehicle with a mini OT support for performing MITS near the
patient’s home. It will be helpful for collecting more samples.
c. Dr. Mahbub proposed to share the CHAMPS results with the scientific society at first then at
the policy level.
d. Dr. Mahbub proposed to share the CHAMP update on monthly basis.
e. Prof. Dr. Tahmina Madam advised that we should be careful regarding dissemination of
community messages ensuring that the mothers would not be blamed for the death of the babies.

Agenda 3: Update on Data to Action.
a. Dr. Mahbub from IEDCR updated the team about the current status of Data to Action
activities. He was hopeful that the activities can be started from middle of March, 2021 after
consultation with the international CHAMPS team.
b. Dr. Shams sir proposed a meeting in a small team for discussion about some important
topics on Thursday, 4 th March, 2021 at 1:00 pm in IEDCR. Other members agreed to this.

Agenda 4 : Update on CHAMPS website development.
a. Mr. Golam Mostofa, IT expert of IEDCR CHAMPS team provided a presentation on CHAMPS
dashboard. It was a great work by the IT and statistics team. They will work on it to make it more
attractive and informative.
b. Sajib will share the call center related information with Mr. Mostofa. Mr. Mostofa will
communicate with Sajib in this regard.
c. Presently, CHAMPS project does not have sufficient photos on it activities. Dr. Shams proposed
to create a drop box folder for CHAMPS. The dropbox folder will be divided into subfolder according
to its component. Mr. Mostofa will share the dropbox link with all components’ Lead. The
Components’ Lead will upload the photos of their activities on regular basis.

a. There will be some discussions in the small group on 4th March,2021 with Director, IEDCR, Prof
Dr. Tahmina Shirin Madam. Prof. Dr. Meerjady Sabrina Flora Madam , ADG, Planning ,DGHS may remain
as the core working group member as an Epidemiologist.
b. Dr. Shams sharedthe information about the COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness proposal in the
CHAMPS project areas. Dr. Mahbub will discuss regarding this issue and update.
c. Dr. Flora will attend both DecoDe and the Coordination meeting from upcoming month (?)
d. The logo of John Hopkins University will be added in the IEDCR web site.
*** Meeting minutes were prepared by Dr Zahid,icddr,b and Dr. Sharmin,IEDCR.