Facility-based Mortality Surveillance & Minimally invasive tissue sampling

Facility-based mortality surveillance mechanism has been started in the Faridpur Medical College Hospital (FMCH) since September 2017. Eventually, surveillance mechanism has been extended to the Zahid Memorial Child Hospital (ZMCH) from March 01, 2018 and in Baliakandi Upazila Health Complex (BUHC) from October 2018. Along with mortality surveillance, in all three facilities Minimally invasive tissue sampling (MITS) procedure has been conducting regularly.

CHAMPS-MITS is a technique that uses needle-based postmortem sampling from under-5 children, followed by advanced histopathology and microbiology to definitely determine cause of death.

The study sites are Baliakandi Upazila of Rajbari district and Madhukhali, Faridpur Sadar, Saltha, Boalmari, Nagarkanda and Bhanga Upazilas of Faridpur district.

Steps of Mortality Surveillance & Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling ( MITS)

1. Hospital surveillance
2. Community surveillance
3. Death notification
4. MITS and non-MITS
5. Sample collection and transportation
6. Laboratory procedures
7. Determination of Cause of Death (DeCoDe)

Samples collected during MITS

Brain material, tissues from lung, liver, placenta & umbilical cord, bone marrow, CSF, blood , nasopharyngeal swab, rectal swab

Brain Material

Brain Material

Nasopharyngeal Swab



Rectal Swab

Placental & umbilical cord

Bone marrow



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